Save Systems

Mid-game saves

As you will see below, Soul Raiders has been designed with a system to save your progression between the chapters. The author didn’t originally develop a mid-game save, as he didn’t think that people would like to cut a chapter in several game sessions ; but it turns out that it does!

One of the best aspects of a crowdfunding project is to talk with the community and get valuable feedbacks that will benefit the game. We thought that the mid-game save was one of them, and we are adding it!

We are currently brainstorming the best process and components to perform this save. It is surely more complicated than a regular Chapter save, as we need to figure out a way to store revealed and unrevealed components separately. By doing so, also note that you will not be able to play another game in the meantime, but it doesn’t seem to be a concern for the backers who suggested this feature. We’re looking forward to include it in the game!

Chapter saves

Now, let’s get into the details of a regular Chapter save!

Once you win a chapter, you can note the details in the included campaign notebook. There will be dedicated fields to note the date and name of players, the number of Quest cards obtained, Heroic Actions added to each Hero’s deck, Heroism tokens and potions unspent at the end of the game, or any Artifact you might have discovered.

This paper save allows you to save the progression of your group to take the story where you left it at any point in the future. Thanks to it, you can play with different groups of people and/or try the other chapters in the meantime, using and mixing the components as you please, and still resume your original game several months away from the save!

If you are playing the whole game with the same group of player, the save is made even easier by the storage system provided in the Grimoire edition.

Each player simply stores all the elements described above in their hero’s tuckbox (making sure their improved Hero deck is separated from the Heroic Actions that have yet to be added). When starting the next chapter, pull out your tuckbox from the Grimoire box and you are ready to play!

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