Know your enemies (preview)

During the game, Enemies will be drawn either from the Random Enemies deck or the Scripted Enemies deck.

  • 5 different types of enemies populate the Random Enemies deck. Each type of enemy is featured on a number of cards with the same characteristics (Ability, Shields and Combat Values, Rewards).
    These cards are poker size, and the drawings have a neutral background.
  • Almost all Scripted Enemies are unique, and features different combinations of Abilities, Shields, Combat Values, and Rewards. Some of them have extra Rare Abilities, that the Random Enemies do not possess.
    These cards’ size is 61x112mm, and the drawings have a colored background.

Goblin – Priority Target

As might be expected from them, Goblins are the most common of the Random Enemies. They are weak, with a Combat Value of 2 in one single Shield, but their strength comes from their Priority Target Ability!

This Ability means that in combat, they must be the first to fall. Until they are all eliminated, Heroes cannot injure Enemies that do not have this ability.
Note that with a single attack, it is possible to injure Priority Targets and eliminate them while also inflicting Injuries on other Enemies. But all enemies with this ability must be vanquished during this action!

You will likely want to remove the biggest threat you are facing, but these pesky goblins will prevent you from doing so ! While it is easy to remove several ones of them in one sweep of your sword, it still costs precious action points that might be better employed on the shields of stronger enemies… Making it an important Ability to take into account.

Priority Target is not an Ability unique to Goblins; it is found on many different Scripted Enemies, symbolizing minions sent to overwhelm you, creatures impossible to ignore, dedicated bodyguards… Like this spectre below, who has both Priority Target and Pursuit, an Ability that we will cover another time!

Art by Prosper Tipaldi

Hobgoblins and Guardian

Slightly meaner and stronger than their cousins the Goblins, the Hobgoblins are another type of random enemies featured in Soul Raiders!

While Goblins are here to prevent you from attacking the bigger baddies, the Hobgoblins use their Guardian ability to stop you from escaping them…

As long as an enemy with Guardian is engaging one Hero, this Hero will not be able to leave the current Location.

If you want to flee, you have to defeat all enemies with this Ability first. The Hobgoblins’ Combat Value of 3 is not very impressive — although higher than a pesky goblin— but this Ability can mess up your plans very fast… Especially when combined with other enemies and abilities. If creatures with Priority Target are also engaging you, there is no more walking away from a horde of minions: will need to slay all of them before being able to leave.

Besides defeating them, the only way to escape Guardians is a well-timed use of your magic. Some spells prevent your opponents from using their abilities, and Invisibility grants the Elusive faculty, which allows you to evade any creature, even Guardians.

Any enemy that has a capacity to restrain you in some way, whether by equipment, physical prowess, or other exotic means, can have the Guardian ability… Like this VERY skilled weaponmaster, who will not let you run away!

Art by Mark Tarrisse

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