Who are the Soul Raiders ?

The Soul Raiders is an ancestral order founded over a thousand years ago, when the various civilisations of Kyvros were just starting to blossom. It was created to stop a dire threat engulfing this world, as mighty warrior-mages from all kingdoms banded together and fought for its survival.
Nowadays, nobody outside this millennial order remembers the reasons for its creation, and the sacrifices that followed…

Eneko, Soul RaiderEneko, Soul Raider. Art by Magali Villeneuve

They took upon their shoulders to become humanity’s neutral custodians, never mingling in politics and embracing a life of adventure. Their goal is to protect the world from the evil spirits lying beyond the Veil, who constantly try sneak in and wreak havoc on humanity’s kingdoms.

Over the centuries, the order slowly dwindled and the Soul Raider’s origins got lost in time. These powerful beings are still respected by kings and queens alike, but it is likely out of fear for their control of magical energies rather than the actual purpose of their derelict order.

Aïtor, Soul RaiderZia, Soul Raider. Art by Magali Villeneuve

Only exceptional beings are admitted into the ranks of the Soul Raiders, humans with high potential whose bodies and minds have been honed to perfection through a long and challenging training. Over their lifetimes, they will learn to master the instinctive magic bestowed to them through an ancient ritual.

Aïtor, Soul RaiderAdonis, Soul Raider. Art by Magali Villeneuve

As spiritual as they are war-like, the Soul Raiders have attained a higher level of consciousness. A group of Soul raiders knows how to work in harmony towards a unique, focused, purpose; they do not even need to see or talk with each other to act as one powerful and deadly entity.

Maïder, Soul RaiderMaïder, Soul Raider. Art by Magali Villeneuve

Masters of the order roams the lands and seas both to defeat evil spirits and find the exceptional young souls that could be turned into new members. They take them as apprentices until they are ready for their intronisation, at which point they are already powerful enough to best the mightiest warriors of the kingdoms.


Eneko miniature, sculpt by Thierry Masson

Born on a small island in the kingdom of Azkarrak, Eneko’s world was turned upside down when its main volcano erupted, razing half his birthplace and killing his mother. His father, a powerful member of the Navigator’s guild, was nowhere to be seen… A friend of the family took the young Eneko to a local lord settled in the lowlands of the kingdom, and placed him in his custody.

As he grew up between the tall walls of lord Morwilbor’s castle, Eneko became acquainted with a mysterious traveler that came and went as she pleased on the lord’s property. Wielding the Soul Raider’s sigil — a gauntlet holding two lightning bolts — this woman named Hedda quickly grasped Eneko’s potential, and asked Morwilbor to provide to the young man the best martial and scholar education that this kingdom could provide.

Soul Raiders sigil - XP Token

When he reached adulthood, Eneko decided to follow Hedda and learn the ways of the Soul Raiders. Strong-willed and dedicated, they roamed the kingdom to send spectres back beyond the Veil – where they belonged. As the years passed, these spirits grew in number and ferocity, tearing the veil between worlds more and more often, a fact that concerned Hedda greatly.

One day, the Grand Master Recruiter summoned the whole order to their ancient sanctuary in order to initiate the next generation of Soul Raiders. This would be the chance for Eneko and other apprentices from all over the five kingdoms to practice the rituel granting them a unique instinctive magic – bestowed on them by the elemental water spirit Nymphea.
Once this is done, they will renounce their past lives and aspirations for the mundane world to fully embrace their destinies as mighty Soul Raiders…

Eneko has a straightforward personality, going into challenges head-first and trusting his own skills against all odds. Even for a Soul Raider, he is exceptionally strong and has saved his master more than once thanks to his impressive might. An excellent swordsman, he is nonetheless an astute scholar and knows how to keep a cool head to analyze situations, making the most of the dire circumstances he often ends up in.

Eneko Skills

In terms of gameplay, this translates in a bonus towards the Strength and Precision actions that the Soul Raiders might have to perform in the different chapters of the story. Compared to the other Soul Raiders, he also has the most offensive set of spells at his disposal, like conjured arrows and fireballs, to quickly dispatch the threats that his group might face during their adventures.

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