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Chapter exploration and Quest cards

Note that each chapter is unique, not only in by its atmosphere but by the way that you will progress in the setting.
Unlike your typical adventure game, we aren’t evolving on top-down 2D maps, but from an immersive point of view where the characters will evolve “in 3D”.

Save Systems

As you will see below, Soul Raiders has been designed with a system to save your progression between the chapters. The author didn’t originally develop a mid-game save, as he didn’t think that people would like to cut a chapter in several game sessions ; but it turns out that it does!

Who are the Soul Raiders?

The Soul Raiders is an ancestral order founded over a thousand years ago, when the various civilisations of Kyvros were just starting to blossom. It was created to stop a dire threat engulfing this world, as mighty warrior-mages from all kingdoms banded together and fought for its survival.